We are a professional bail bond agency in Connecticut.

Time is NOT on your side. When you or a loved one is in trouble with the law you need to call an experienced bail bond company. Our staff has the legal system dialed throughout the state, we can help you get in and out of jail in the most efficient way possible. Call 860-452-2245 to connect now with our bail bonds team.

Available 24/7/365

Our licensed and insured bail bondsmen and bailbonds women are available 24 hours a day to get your loved one out of jail as soon as you call us. Dial 860-452-2245 to contact a Bail Bondsman now to get a team member dispatched to meet you at the jail or police department so we can begin the process of getting them back into your arms

Lowest Prices Allowed By Law

Connecticut law for bail requires certain minimums that must be charged to post bail, but many bail bondsmen require more than the minimum or ask for you to sign over much more collateral than you should.  By contacting us, we are able to accept the lowest price allowed by Connecticut state law, and you can SAVE money with us as your bondsman.

Fastest Response Tonight

With our service team, you get immediately connected to a bondsman who can help you get your family member or loved one released.  You will speak directly with the bailbondsman, instead of an answering service who will force you to wait on hold or for a call back.  Get an Instant response with our team.

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Available 24 Hours a day

Lowest Prices Allowed by Law

Instant Connection with a Bondsman – no Waiting

Easy Payment Plans

Credit Cards Accepted

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